Top Things to Do When It Rains On Your Beach Vacation

Even in the sunny 30A area, occasionally we are faced with rainy days. This is especially true in the spring, as April showers start to take over. Sometimes it even happens in the middle of your beach vacation. Even if you plan for a week with clear blue skies, a storm might sneak up on one out of five days and throw off your chance for sunbathing on the shore. This can be even more frustrating if you have kids who were looking forward to going to the beach for the day.

However, that doesn’t mean your day has to be a waste. There are plenty of other things you can do to enjoy yourself in 30A, even on a rainy day.

See a Movie

This may not be the most exciting option for a rainy day, because you can see a movie anywhere, but it’s hard to go wrong by finally checking out that movie that everyone’s been talking about. This is a great idea if the storm is likely to last for only a few hours. You can duck inside to see the latest superhero movie with your kids, get some lunch or dinner after the movie, and maybe by the time you’re through, that picturesque beach weather will be back. If you’re looking for something a little more local, look for a movie theater with historic charm or maybe swap out a movie for a local theater production.

Check Out the Food Scene

Other than hitting the beach, one of the best parts of any vacation is becoming acquainted with the local food scene. Sure, you might not be able to enjoy dining on the patio with beach views on a rainy day, but there are still a number of restaurants to explore throughout South Walton. In Santa Rosa Beach, you can visit The Perfect Pig for fish tacos or Southern comfort food.

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WaterSound Cafe has delightful sandwiches for lunch and a screened in porch so you can enjoy the feeling of being outside without actually being rained on. Or you can indulge your kids’ sweet tooth by visiting Pecan Jack’s Ice Cream and Candy Kitchen, also in Santa Rosa Beach.

Take An Art Workshop

Finally, and especially if you’re dealing with stircrazy kids and a rainy day, indulge their creativity. Arts are a great way to keep kids entertained as well as enhance their focus and channel their big imagination into beautiful creativity. At Rock Paper Scissors in Grayton Beach, kids can take art classes or an engaging workshop to learn how to find an interest in art. Kids that already love art will also find a variety of art supplies to encourage their hobby. Parents can engage with their kids, or they can rest in the storefront lounge while their kids go to town on their new art projects. In fact, this is one rainy day activity that kids might like so much they want to stay even after the sun comes back out.

Interested in taking a rainy day to visit Rock Paper Scissors in 30A? Contact us today for more information.

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