Your Ultimate Guide to Bonfires at the Beach

The best part of visiting the Emerald Coast is undoubtedly going to the beach. But the beach doesn’t cease to be fun when the sun goes down. At night, you can gather your friends and family together or enjoy a peaceful evening with your significant other around a beach bonfire. You can circle chairs around the fire, roast smores, or just take in the weather and the night air. Never had a beach bonfire before? Here’s our ultimate guide to enjoying yours.

Why Beach Bonfires

If you love time at the beach, a beach bonfire may be the one activity you’ve missed. You’ve no doubt visited the beach during the day, and you may have paddle boarded or kayaked around the unique coastal dune lakes of 30A. A beach bonfire is a more laid back activity and the perfect way to round out the night. It’s also the kind of activity that’s centered around community. It’s similar to a campfire in the woods. It’s better surrounded by people you love, sharing stories and laughing together about your experiences throughout the trip so far.

How to Have a Beach Bonfire

In order to have a beach bonfire, you first need to acquire a permit from South Walton County, either a permanent permit if you live in town and expect to use it regularly or a temporary permit if you’re visiting or plan to make this only an occasional thing. Next, you’ll have to acquire the beach bonfire itself, set it up, then bring chairs, refreshments, and everything else you might need. And of course, once you’re done, it will need to be cleaned up. Though the beach bonfire itself is fun, the preparation that goes into it can be a hassle. Unless, of course, you rent a beach bonfire from professionals.

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Why Rent a Beach Bonfire

Renting a beach bonfire allows you to have all the fun of a beach bonfire without the hassle. When you rent from Bonfires At The Beach 30A, we’ll set up your bonfire, provide firewood, and clean it up. We even acquire the permit. Our more extensive packages include chairs, a table, and everything you need to make smores. Some even include speakers and tiki torches so you can really get the party going.

Beach Bonfire Snacks

Refreshments are a key element of having a bonfire at the beach. While smores are a popular choice for beach bonfires, you may also choose to bring your own snacks. Typically, this is something low maintenance. Sandwiches or hot dogs are great options — hot dogs especially as they can also be roasted over the fire. You may choose to go with something a little fancier, such as campfire salmon or salads. Make sure to bring disposable plates and plasticware. Cool drinks, alcoholic or not depending on the makeup of your party, kept in a cooler make another excellent addition.

Interested in renting a beach bonfire of your own? Call The Rental Shop 30A today for more information: (850) 260-0001.

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