Everything You Need to Know Before Your 30A Beach Bonfire

It’s the perfect end to the perfect day of exploring 30A. After you paddle or kayak through the coastal dune lakes, quench your appetite at any of the delicious restaurants and bars, and check out the golf course, you can settle onto the beach and watch the sun go down with friends and a warm beach bonfire. Roast marshmallows into the night or simply share stories of your favorite parts of the day around the bonfire. There are a few steps you’ll need to take to book your beach bonfire and obtain a permit, but with that done, just gather your friends or family and enjoy all that the beaches of 30A have to offer when the sun goes down.

Best Beaches for Beach Bonfires

With so many beautiful beaches across 30A, it’s hard to say which make the best spots for a beach bonfire. Grayton Beach is a popular spot, beloved by tourists and locals alike. There are charming restaurants and shops nearby, so you can go directly from dinner to the beach, or take in the natural beauty of the surrounding Grayton Beach State Park from your beach bonfire. Santa Rosa Beach is another excellent option if you want to watch the sun set at the end of of the day. Somewhat more remote is Dune Allen Beach to the far west of 30A but near the stunning hiking trails of Topsail Hill Preserve State Park.

Acquiring a Beach Bonfire Permit

All beach bonfires require a permit from the South Walton Fire Department. However, this is easier to obtain than it sounds. There are two different kinds of permits: annual beach bonfire permits and temporary beach bonfire permits. With the appropriate permit, you can carry on with planning the rest of your beach bonfire. However, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of applying for a permit, you can always book a beach bonfire through a beach bonfire rental company with permit included.

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Booking a Beach Bonfire

Not everyone owns a bonfire pit, and again, not everyone has the time or will to go through the process of applying for a beach bonfire permit. That’s where The Rental Shop can help. Your beach bonfire rental through The Rental Shop in 30A comes with a permit, as well as setup, takedown, smores, a table, and firewood for the bonfire pit. This saves you the trouble of having to carry all the equipment up and down the stairs to the beach, as well as avoiding the burn hazard to the interior of your car from transporting the hot well pit and charcoal.

From there, we have a variety of packages offering different levels of services. With beach bonfire package 4, you get all the basics, as well as a bluetooth music speaker, cooler with ice and water, and a garbage container. If you upgrade to package 5, you get all that, plus an oversized pit, and wooden chairs. Whatever your beach bonfire requires, we have a package for that.

Need any further tips? Check out our blog on Ways to celebrate the end of summer, or get in touch with us today to book your next beach bonfire by calling (850) 260-0001.

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