Getting Around on 30A

Chances are when you take a vacation anywhere in South Walton, you don’t plan to stay in your accommodations the whole time. You want to get out and explore the scenery! Certainly, you can drive from place to place if you brought your car or opted for a rental car. If you want to slow down and take in the view, you might walk to nearby locations. But there are a few options when it comes to getting around in South Walton. Here are some of our suggestions:


The Sunshine 30A Trolley, or the Turtle as some call it for the image of a sea turtle on the side of the trolley, is perfect for getting the true 30A experience. The trolley travels through many beautiful South Walton communities, stopping near favorite beaches and other popular sightseeing spots. You can ride it through and see it all or get off at any of the stops to explore by foot. Take a camera or camera phone to snap pictures along the way and don’t worry about rushing. Just take some time to enjoy the ride.

There’s also Gulf Coast Go, a hop-on-hop-off trolley service with 23 stops along 30A. They also offer 30A brew tours if you find yourself looking for refreshments.

Public Transportation

You may not be able to find buses all throughout 30A, but some of the beach communities do live along the bus line for nearby public transportation services. For instance, Destin can be found along the Emerald Coast Rider (EC Rider). This may not be reliable if you’re staying in a community like Alys Beach or Miramar Beach, but it’s an affordable option that can be used in conjunction with other methods of getting around in South Walton.

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Golf Carts

If you’ve never been to Florida before, you may be surprised to see so many Golf Carts almost as soon as you get here. It’s not just avid golfers who use golf carts in South Walton. In fact, they’re used so frequently for transportation to the beach, down the street, or to the store, that you may even see some specific golf cart designated parking spots. If you don’t have a golf cart already or didn’t bring one with you, you can rent one for daily or weekly rates from The Rental Shop in 30A.


Biking around is a popular option for a few reasons. It’s great exercise, gets you where you need to go faster than walking, but it still allows you to take in the scenery and not feel as though you’re rushing. And lately, e-bikes are becoming more popular as an eco-friendly form of transportation in South Walton. You can even take an e-bike tour with Eventure Tour Co, exploring the food scene, historic homes, or some of the beaches in the area.

Of course, sometimes nothing beats taking a leisurely stroll through the area, especially near a beach or a boardwalk. What are some of your favorite ways to get around South Walton? Let us know and keep an eye out on our blog for more travel tips and information about 30A attractions.

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