What To Do When It Rains at the Beach At 30A

When you think of vacations in 30A, you think of sun, surf, and sand. Florida isn’t called the Sunshine State for nothing, after all. But even for all our sunny days, there are still occasional rainy days, and unfortunately, it might even happen on your vacation. It might feel as if the day is ruined when, after just an hour at the beach, you notice rain clouds gathering, but there are still plenty of things you can do in 30A. After all, the beach will still be there when the weather clears up. In the meantime, here are a few of our suggestions:

Go to a Spa

Why do you visit the beach? Well, for one thing, the splendid views, but often it’s more than that. Going to the beach is a way to relax and momentarily forget about the stress of your daily life. If the beach is rained out, however, you can find that same level of relaxation — and then some — by taking a spa day. Enjoy a massage that hits the perfect spot, luxurious scrubs, and even manicures and pedicures that will help you leave the spa looking as refreshed as you feel. Even the beach can’t offer that much.

Mini Road Trip

Of course, one way to make plans around the rain is to simply drive out of the rain. Highway 30A covers 24 miles of coastline, and there’s a good chance if you keep driving, you’ll find sunny weather somewhere nearby. Just pull up a weather app to give you a start in the right direction. You might find that the drive is part of the fun, and you can end up in a new location that you hadn’t considered before. By the end of the day, the rainy weather may just seem like the start of a new adventure.

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Check Out the Local Restaurants

Beaches in 30A are often surrounded by seafood restaurants, brunch and lunch places, cafes or bars. If you find your day is being put on pause because of the rain, duck into one of the nearby restaurants and enjoy the local eats while you wait for the weather to clear up. This is especially convenient if you’re determined not to let a little rain slow down your beach vacation. When you stop into one of these nearby restaurants, you’re still just a short walk away from the beach and ready to come back as soon as the weather starts to clear.

Enjoy the Beach Anyway

Thunderstorm? You should probably find other plans for the day, or at least a few hours. But if there’s just a little rain, you might decide to stay at the beach and embrace it. After all, if you get in the water, it doesn’t really matter if a few raindrops fall. You will want to make sure that your beach bag is securely closed and any electronic devices are safe, but beyond that, a rainy day may be the perfect opportunity to go for a swim.

You may not be able to anticipate the weather when you plan your 30A vacation, but rain or shine, there will be plenty to keep you entertained and relaxed. Check out the rest of our blog for more information about the many attractions and activities you’ll find in 30A.

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