4 Benefits of Giving Your Child Art Classes

As any parent knows, finding something that will hold your child’s interest for more than a few seconds can be a challenge. Kids need activities that stimulate them and engage them. Arts and crafts are a popular hobby for small children and even older kids for many reasons. It’s not only something that’s hands-on and commands focus, but it gives them an outlet for their wild imaginations and unbridled creativity. It also gives them a chance to have something to show for it at the end of the day, which can build confidence.

Thinking of signing your kid up for an art class at Uniquely Clever? Here are a few of the benefits to engaging your child’s creativity:

Improves Fine Motor Skills

Think about the way small children — say, from the ages of 3-5 — interact with the physical world. Fine and gross motor skills can be a challenge, because they’re still learning how to use their muscles. But practice makes perfect, as they say, and art classes offer plenty of practice. In art classes, they’ll get into the habit of holding a paintbrush or other utensils. They may cut materials with scissors or learn how to draw with more precision than they previously used. All of this gives them a chance to hone those fine motor skills.

Stimulating for Visual (and Tactile!) Learners

Though reported numbers vary, a large percentage of children are visual learners, which means that they primarily learn through sight. It’s easier for them to grasp a subject that they can see in front of them and they often need to visualize something in order to understand it. Art classes help to flex that muscle. Not only is art a particularly conducive subject for visual learners, but it gives them the skill to picture something in their mind when they’re learning outside of a visual format. Art is also great for tactile learners because it’s so hands on.

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Boosts Confidence and Self-Expression

Kids are still figuring out who they are, what they like, and how they want to express themselves. Art gives them a way to do that, as well as a way to experiment with that expression. Art is also a great way for kids to gain confidence. When they see the finished product of something they made, and when you proudly display that on your fridge or your wall, that gives them a sense of pride in having created something. Seeing themselves improve over the course of their class is also often a confidence boost.

Promotes Creativity Going Into the Future

Most children are creative and imaginative. Unfortunately, when they don’t have a creative outlet, they start to lose that sense of creativity and imagination. It may be that as they get older, they start to worry that their ideas are “stupid” or it may be that they simply fall out of practice flexing that muscle. But giving children art classes can encourage them to work with that creativity and promote creativity that continues even into adulthood.

Uniquely Clever has art classes for children of all ages. We even have a ladies’ night for adults where you can use our studio to create artwork of your own with friends. Contact us today for more information or to sign your child up for a class.

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