What to Do on 30A This Fall

Written by: adetayo208    

Now that the fall is here, you know that during it, the weather will be cooler, and there will be delicious flavors like cinnamon and pumpkin spice, with sunsets and fall foliage appearing in beautiful colors. You may want to visit South Walton this fall and have the mindset that activities during the fall will not be exciting as it is during summer vacation. You should not worry because there are some activities and festivals that suit a wide variety of interests and niches that only occur in the fall in South Walton.    

Eggs on the Beach Eggfest Cooking Competition  

If you are one found of food or loves breakfast food on the beach, then you have to be on the lookout for the Eggfest. On September 28, the 6th annual Eggs on the Beach cooking competition will hold at the Seascape Miramar Beach. At the Seascape, local cooks and cooks all over the country will gather as individuals or teams with their big green egg cookers to cook eggs in delicious and creative styles.  Some past judges in the competition are James Briscione, Brooke Pankhurst, and Dan Luizzi, but the judges for the 2019 contest are yet to be announced.   For those who are not cooking, they can enjoy live music, have fun for kids and have the opportunity to win a big green egg.      

30A Half Marathon and 5K  

If you are an athlete or a fitness fanatic and have the feeling of missing out of the South Walton’s festival this summer because you can’t make it there, you can wait for the big half-marathon and 5k to start between October 11 and 13. That is the perfect time to come to town.   On Friday night, the festivals will start with a BBQ festival at Gulf place. However, Saturday is for you to check the race’s expo and get the materials for the race as well. The race will start on Sunday along Highway 30.  We can tell you that the events are meant to promote a good cause because it is dedicated to boosting clean water, housing, education, and food security to communities all over the globe.     

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30A Concert Series  

There is no interesting activity as a free live music performance on the beach. Luckily, you will be able to catch the tail end of the 30A concert series when you visit South Walton in September, even though you may think it is a summer event. On September 26, the last performance of the year, Heritage Duo, will hold at Inlet Beach.   At the event, kids can have fun with a lot of play with background music, and you can get dinner and few drinks on your way to the beach because there are many bars and restaurants nearby. 

Baytowne Wharf Beer Festival  

The best period of the year to enjoy the cool and earthy taste of a good brew is in the autumn. That is the reason October is the time the Baytowne Wharf Beer Festival usually takes place yearly. This year’s festival will start on October 11 and end on the 12th. The festival will allow you to try out over 200 samples of local and international craft beers.  You may be interested in getting into the brewery yourself. Do not worry, as there are some presentatives on the ground to teach you about all the different beers, and what it takes to make them. 

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