What to Do in Grayton Beach This Weekend

If you’re new to Grayton Beach, you’ve probably already started to get a whiff of the sporty, relaxing, or exciting activities available in this small beach village. The weekend, for many people, is the best time to really sink your teeth into the leisure culture here. Between an excellent beach and coastal dunes, great shops and restaurants, and golf carts galore, you’ll have no trouble keeping yourself — and the whole family perhaps — entertained this weekend.

Go Kayaking or Paddle Boarding

Grayton Beach is a unique beach because of the coastal dunes that neighbor it. These freshwater lakes are separated from the main saltwater gulf by only a thin strip of beach, and in fact at points, the two bodies of water flow into each other. Because of this, it offers a truly unique experience for kayaking, paddleboarding & beach bonfire in 30A. You can start in the calm coastal dunes, taking in the tranquil but fascinating sights, and paddle your way to the beach, or start with a beach and paddle until you see the coastal dunes. You can take turns, exploring one and then exploring the other next weekend. And if you don’t have a kayak or SUP paddle board of your own, you can easily rent either from The Rental Shop 30A with free delivery to Grayton Beach.

Take an E-Bike Tour

Even if you’ve lived in Grayton Beach for a while and think you’ve seen it all, taking a tour can sometimes help you to see it through new eyes. And taking an e-bike tour will almost certainly be a new experience, because e-bikes are still a fairly recent phenomenon in America. Eventure Tour Co. has a Grayton Beach Bike Tour beginning at Watercolor Crossing and crosses over Western Lake on eco-friendly, zero emission bikes with an optional electric motor. If you like their Grayton Beach tour, you can venture out a bit, taking the South Walton foodie tour or their Concierge Cruise. You can even book a private tour.

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Relax on the Beach

After all, isn’t that what most of us came to Grayton Beach for? The weekend is a great time to sunbathe, go for a swim, or enjoy breakfast on the beach over a beach bonfire. Beach bonfires can sometimes be a hassle, having to first get a permit from the city, but here again, The Rental Shop 30A can help. They offer beach bonfire rentals that come with a permit included. These packages also include s’mores and roasting sticks, so you know this is an activity the kids will love. It’s also a great opportunity for a date to spend time with your significant other, undisturbed by responsibilities.

These are just a few activities you can enjoy in Grayton Beach this weekend. Beyond that, there are shops, restaurants, historical sites, horseback riding opportunities. Grayton Beach may be a relatively small village but we have plenty of character. There’s something for everyone here. The question is: how do you want to spend your weekend?

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