3 Ways to Make Your 30A Vacation More Memorable

With eight beautiful beaches, a long stretch of highway, and delicious bars and restaurants, a vacation to 30A can be an exciting time. But a great vacation is more than stunning sights and tasty eats. It should be something you remember long after you go back home, something that makes you want to come back in future years. A 30A vacation always has the potential to be memorable, but the memories you make are up to you. Here are a few of our tips for making your vacation more memorable:

Try New Things

If you’re not from South Walton and you’re only visiting for a limited time, now is the perfect opportunity to embrace new experiences. If you’re from a landlocked city, spend as much time at the beach as you can. Rent a paddle board or a kayak to experience the water in a new way. Visit the coastal dune lakes at Grayton Beach, a rare phenomena only found in five places throughout the world. Take a reef tour or try yoga for the first time on the beach. Seek out restaurants that serve food you wouldn’t usually eat. Anything that’s a break from your routine and opens your eyes to new experiences will help the trip to stick out in your mind.

Stop and Take a Picture

Thirty years ago, making memories on your vacation might involve a disposable camera or a scrapbook. Today, it’s much easier to record your favorite moments from your trip. Phones include cameras and apps that allow you to save memories from your trip for posterity in real time. You can create a photo album on social media to not only keep your favorite photos but share them with the friends and family who can’t join you. Record video for the moments and experiences too big for a simple picture. These snippets will follow you home and wherever you go so that you can enjoy the memories for years after the trip.

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Bring Art Home With You

Looking for a more colorful way to make your 30A trip more memorable? Find art that you can take home with you. If you see a beautiful piece of art in a gallery, buy it and bring it back with you, a memento that will always bring 30A to mind. Or, if you’re creative, it may be more special to create your own art…or to bring back art created by your imaginative children. Consider enrolling your kids in an art class where they can express their creativity, and proudly display samples of their work on the fridge or the wall when you go back home. Not only will this help make your trip more memorable, your pride in their artistic skill will encourage your kids to continue to make art in the future.

Looking for an art class to enroll your child in while you’re on 30A? Uniquely Clever has classes for children of all ages and even offers an open studio and a ladies’ night for adults. Contact us today to learn more or to book a class.

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