Make Your Valentine’s Day Truly Special in 30A

It’s the season of love, and that’s certainly true in the 30A area. This is a laid back, sunny region with plenty of natural beauty that naturally lends itself to romance. Beyond the beach and the lakes, there are shops, restaurants and events where you can treat yourselves and enjoy your time with each other in 30A. You may have already planned a Valentine’s Day trip to a beach resort with you and your special someone, but if you’re still working out your plans for the big day, here are a few of our suggestions.

Picnic On the Beach

What’s more romantic than enjoying the beach together? You can pack a picnic basket and enjoy the sunrise or bring your favorite bottle of wine with you and curl up on the shore in the evening as the sun goes down. This laid back Valentine’s Day idea can start or cap off your day of romance, taking in the beauty of the day and enjoying each other’s company without having to actually do much. If you want to continue to enjoy the beach after the sun goes down, you can consider renting a beach bonfire to keep the night going.

Take a Spa Day

Much like a day at the beach, a spa day is an opportunity to relax and let go of your usual responsibilities. It’s also an opportunity to treat yourself. You can enjoy a couple’s package, enjoying champagne and chocolate strawberries in between massages and facials. Many of the spas in 30A incorporate the scenery of the beach as well as the sea breeze to make your experience that much more relaxing. You can let your stress roll away as you allow yourself to be pampered and know that you’re in this together.

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Dinner at a Local Restaurant

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without going out for a nice dinner. If your preference is dressing up and sampling 5-star cuisine, you can find fine dining restaurants throughout 30A, such as Pescado Seafood Grill & Rooftop Bar in Rosemary Beach or Borago in Grayton Beach. Looking for restaurants with outdoor seating where you can enjoy the view as you sip your champagne, such as Louis Louis in Santa Rosa Beach. Whatever your tastes, you find something that you and your sweetheart will love in one of South Walton’s terrific restaurants.

Get Engaged — Or Renew Your Vows

Have you been waiting for the right time to take your relationship to the next level? What better time than during your Valentine’s Day trip to 30A? You can propose to your significant other on the beach, at one of the nature preserves throughout South Walton, or over dinner. Or if you’re already married and want to take the opportunity to celebrate the love you’ve shared so far and recommit going forward, the beach could be the perfect place to renew your vows.

Of course, you’re going to love your significant other all year long, but there’s something special about taking an opportunity to celebrate that. Make the day even more special by spending it in 30A with someone special.

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