short term furnished rental Philadelphia

You’ll pay less for a short term furnished rental in Philadelphia compared with an expensive hotel stay. If you’re planning a trip to Philly and want to stay in comfort without the typically high expenses, Bespoke Stay can help you find the perfect apartment, condo, or house rental within your budget. Our rentals are fully furnished, spacious, and located in prime areas around Philadelphia, so you can explore our city’s amenities without having to travel a long distance. The money you’ll save on your accommodations could fund the rest of your stay or go into your bank account.

How Can I Find an Open-Ended Rental?

Most apartment managers will refuse guests who aren’t sure how long they’ll be staying in an apartment or condo; it’s not difficult to see why- they want to keep apartments booked up as much as possible. Bespoke Stay can provide you with affordable access to luxury apartments, houses, studios, and condos within Philadelphia that allow for open-ended visits. You can start a new rental search on our site with just the check-in date and number of guests who will be staying. Feel free to get in touch with one of our agents if you have custom requirements for your living arrangements while staying in Philadelphia- we’ll be happy to help you find affordable accommodations that meet your needs.

Do I have to Stay in a Hotel While Visiting Philadelphia?

Hotels are typically expensive- and cramped. Bespoke Stay can offer your group access to an affordable short term furnished rental in Philadelphia, so you’ll save money without sacrificing a single thing. Our apartment, condo, and house rentals come with exclusive amenities and luxury perks, like wireless WiFi, comfortable bedrooms, work stations, air conditioning, washer & dryer, TV, entertainment streaming, and much more. You’ll never rent another hotel in Philly again.

I’m Traveling With a Large Group- Is That a Problem?

Our rentals can accommodate from 1-14 guests, with spacious living arrangements that ensure everyone enjoys a safe and comfortable stay in our rentals. Whether it’s a studio apartment in the heart of Philadelphia or a huge 3 condo complex, we have the perfect short term furnished rental in Philadelphia to meet your needs. Start a new rental search using the tools found on our website’s home page, or connect with us through our contact form if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for through your search.

Save Money, Enjoy Your Time in Philly

Your visit to Philadelphia might be work-related or it may have to do with spending time away from home and relaxing- whatever the purpose for your temporary stay in the City of Brotherly Love, you’ll find our services are ideal when you need a short-notice rental at a price that fits your budget. Why spend more than you have to on luxury accommodations when you can have it all for less than the cost of a hotel room when you choose Bespoke Stay?

short term furnished rental Philadelphia

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short term furnished rental Philadelphia

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