Conservative Political Podcasts

Audio is an intimate medium of communication. Mainstream television is not enjoying the dominance of its yesteryears as the viewership numbers indicate reducing the interest. Other platforms, such as social media, are enjoying a previously unseen dominance as far as news dissemination is concerned. Nowadays, podcasts are becoming a good authority. The conversational setup of this format is conducive to political commentary. Many journalists, talk show hosts, authority figures, and political pundits embrace podcasting as a way of dialoguing. Members of both sides of the divide are engaging listeners, attempting to sway their ideologies to either the right or the left.

The representation of conservatives in these discussions is wanting. A conservative podcast is rare, and very few of the top political commentary podcasts discuss conservatism as a philosophy. The success of engaging conservative listeners in traditional radio has not carried over well to this format.

The desire to create an American conservative podcast for center-right conversations has inspired the Ricochet Network. Its foundation in 2011 and subsequent growth is due to the adoption of internet mediums for communication by the center-right, who were slow to take advantage. The slow uptake was perhaps due to the dominance of the right in talk radio. But with the younger generation moving away from it, there was a need to keep up, not only to reach the impressionable minds but to keep the discussion going with its people.

The flagship Ricochet podcasts laid the groundwork for what has now become the leading center-right podcast community. There are currently over 50 podcasts hosted by a diverse group of conservative thinkers who also contribute to the National Review. These hosts draw from their experience in talk shows, politics, policymaking, law, and writing to bring conversations that listeners want to hear. However, these podcasts adopt a broad perspective to interest those that are not strictly conservative. By widening the lens, the shows are more inclusive to attract liberal views.

The Ricochet Network will continue to expand to appeal to larger audiences, particularly those on the left whose conditioning predisposes them into thinking less of the conservative views without expressly understanding them first.

Best Podcasts

Our ‘podcast I need to hear’ recommendations are:

Ricochet Podcast– The first podcast created by the Network is unsurprisingly its most popular one. Hosted by Rob Long, Peter Robinson, and James Lileks, this American conservative podcast gives commentary to the most exciting topics of each week.

Commentary Magazine- This recent podcast holds unifying conversations with Jewish undertones and has attracted a loyal audience.

Political Economy– A business-oriented podcast that brings economists, academics, and successful business leaders to discuss current, ongoing issues.

Steel Truth– Another trending American conservative podcast that dissects the daily news to highlight the issues that matter the most. Drawing on his faith, the host offers fresh perspectives on events and their effect on your life.

Andrew Klavan Show– Easily one of the most recognizable and most consistent podcasts, the Andrew Klavan Show is engaging and a staple for many conservatives.

Conservative Political Podcasts